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Welcome to Puppy Socialization class with Kate Perry Dog Training! You’ll learn crucial foundational commands such as, “LOOK AT ME” and “TOUCH TARGET” so you and your puppy can start off life together on the right paw. 😉 As an added bonus, Kate’s pup Walter attends to help teach puppies proper social etiquette.

This curriculum is for puppies 8-20 weeks. All puppies must be within their sequence of vaccinations.
Advanced Registration and Pre-Payment required. Please see below for more information.

Topics Include:

  • “Look at Me” & “Touch Target”
  • House Training: Troubleshooting, Scheduling, Q&A
  • Unwanted Nipping/Chewing/Biting
  • Inappropriate Jumping
  • Unwanted Barking: Solutions & Strategy
  • Walking on Leash: Proper Equipment & Preparation
  • Puppy Separation Anxiety: Tips & Prevention
  • Basic Grooming & Handling Tips
  • Canine Body Language
  • Diet & Nutrition

Class topics vary week to week. Please check our calendar for class details.

Class Details:

  • When: Wednesdays @ 7pm, starting Wednesday, September 16th
  • Where: City Tails, 55 Leroy St. (off of 7th Ave.)
  • Cost: $45 per class, 4-Pack Class Package: $165 ($15 savings)
  • Limited Class Size (4-6 dogs)
  • Masks are MANDATORY
  • Safe and Sterilized Space

Advanced Registration and Pre-Payment required. Register for Classes HERE.