Private In-Home Training

Private In-Home Training Sessions are specifically tailored to your life and your dog’s needs. This “lifestyle specific” approach ensures a strong foundation, focused on your individual location, schedule, training experience, and both your personality and your dog’s “canine-ality”.

All 3-session Puppy Packages include:

  • 1 Initial Session
  • 2 Follow Up Sessions

All Premium Puppy Packages include:

  • 90 min Pre-Puppy Setup session
  • 60 min Shopping session (either online or in-store)
  • 2 hr “Welcome Home Puppy” session
  • 90 minute follow up session
  • 4-pack of Puppy Socialization classes
  • A copy of Kate’s book, “Training for Both Ends of the Leash”

Kate Perry

$4002.5 hr initial session
  • $250 1.5 hour follow up
  • $825 3-session puppy package

Other Trainers

$3002 hr initial session
  • $225 1.5 hr follow up
  • $675 3-session puppy package
  • Kate’s Initial Sessions are 2.5 hrs
  • Morgan and Sherri’s Initial Sessions are 2 hrs
  • Puppy Packages are only available for dogs 6 months & under
  • ALL PACKAGES must be completed within 6 weeks of the initial session

Puppy Socialization Class

Our Veterinarian recommended Puppy Socialization classes are designed to lay the training foundation for your dog and your family! Each class facilitates safe puppy play with other dogs in their age group, while also desensitizing them to the sights and the sounds of the city.



Per Class

  • All Puppy Socialization classes require an RSVP
  • Classes are for puppies between 8-24 weeks

Every week, one of the 4 major training topics is discussed, along with our basic foundational commands, “LOOK AT ME” and “TOUCH TARGET“. Please see our ‘Group Training’ page for more class details.

Class is fun and informative for all members of your pack!

Basic Obedience Class

Our 6-Week Basic Obedience group classes are focused on building the bond between you and your dog, while creating reliability and mastery of 8 vital commands.

Our training employs a scientifically proven method derived from dolphin training, using a marker signal (use of the word ‘YES’) to reinforce desired behavior. This method helps dogs learn faster and better enables both dog and owner to enjoy the training process.

6 Week Course

  • Tuition fee includes ability to repeat any missed classes for up to 6 months.
  • To qualify for repeats, you must attend at least 4 classes of your cycle.

          One command is covered each week:

  • Intro/Look At Me/Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Leave It/Drop It
  • Loose Leash Walking/Heel
  • Come/Graduation