Margaret has worked with Kate Perry Dog Training for 5 years after a varied career in the exciting world of administrative assisting. Margaret is your go to woman for all matters scheduling and administrative.

Margaret’s main focus outside of Kate Perry Dog Training is providing retirement lodging and care for elderly canine and sometimes feline noblewomen in distressed circumstances. As such, she is a great resource for senior dog and handicapped dog information.

Margaret has also won prizes for handmade dog costumes at local Halloween celebrations!​

Margaret is currently owned by the scintillating Grand Prinzessin Gretel von Petal and her lady in waiting the Baroness Lily Belle of Mini Dachshundburg. In the past, Margaret has been the devoted servant of four other small retired ladies of the nobility – Prinzessin Petal von Petal of Mini Dachshundburg, Countess Sugar of Maltese, Tini Gisele, the Royal Archduchess of MinPinian and the never forgotten Grand Empress Lucy-Cat of Meowland.​