We are passionate about dogs.

“I’ve been covered in dog hair for as long as I can remember. Growing up with three dogs in small-town Massachusetts instilled a sincere love for dogs at a very young age. After graduating from St. John’s University in 2013, I chose to focus my energy on dog-care. While working with dogs began simply to make ends meet, it became a passion and I founded Sticks and Bones.” – Michael Chiaravalloti

“No dog left unloved”

Your dog is enthusiastic, and so are we! Sticks & Bones provides superior dog walking service from dog lovers just like yourself. We treat your dog as if they’re our own.

Our aim is to bring our philosophy of “No dog left unloved” to as many pups as possible across the five boroughs.

Your best friend’s best friend.

At Sticks & Bones, we don’t just walk your dog, we get to know your dog as closely as possible. Each household is assigned their personal walker, with an update provided after each service.

One-on-one walks with the same walker means a more personalized, and superior walking service for your pet. If you aren’t as happy as your own dog is after their walk, we’ll chew on our hats!