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Drop Off “Tweenage & Teenage” Adolescent Socialization & Training Class

This curriculum is for dogs 18 weeks-10 months. (Your dog MUST be under 10 months for all selected classes!)

“Pawrents” will drop their dogs to us for the 60 minute class. Our training team will supervise the dogs during playtime, as well as reinforcing our “Pay Attention” commands, on and off leash etiquette, handling, advanced noise desensitization, agility elements, and more!

Pawrents will receive supplemental training materials, including video, by email to accompany what their pups learned in class.

Intact dogs are OK, but please let us know about any potential behavioral issues BEFORE enrolling.

Class Details

  • Where: City Tails Daycare, 55 Leroy St. (off 7th Ave)
  • Time: 7:15pm-8:30pm
  • Cost: $50/class.

Advanced registration and pre-payment required. Please register for classes HERE.