Group Classes

Kate Perry Dog Training

offers a wide variety of group classes tailored to a New York dog owner’s needs and schedule.

Puppy Socialization Classes

For puppies 8 to 20 weeks.

Group Puppy Classes

New York City can be an intimidating place for little pups. There are honking horns, speeding traffic, crowded sidewalks, and smells aplenty, not to mention all the other dogs. This socialization class will help introduce your puppy to city life in a safe and comforting way. With CD sound effects, we will expose your puppy to different sounds, a desensitization process.

We’ll also help you learn how to play effectively with your pup and get to know each other better.

In essence, it’s a kindergarten class for pups.  You’ll learn basic foundational commands such as “LOOK AT ME” and “TOUCH TARGET”, so that you and your puppy can start off life together on the right foot.  As an added bonus, Kate’s pup Walter (and sometimes his friend “Legs”) attends to help teach puppies social etiquette.

Topics covered include:

  • House Training.
  • Chewing.
  • Biting.
  • Jumping.
  • Barking.
  • “Look at Me” and “Touch Target”
  • Walking on leash.
  • Separation anxiety.

Basic Obedience

For dogs 16 weeks and older.

Group of Dogs Training

Basic obedience training is a good idea for any dog, but particularly for a dog about town. While your precious pooch probably won’t have a large yard to run in, he may very well end up accompanying you while you shop. And it’s going to be nearly impossible to avoid confrontations with all sorts, both people and pets, on the city streets. That’s why it’s especially important that your dog has street smarts and learns to mind his P’s and Q’s.

In this class we will practice a scientifically proven teaching method that uses a marker signal that reinforces desired behavior.

We cover all the basic commands:

  • LOOK.
  • SIT.
  • DOWN.
  • STAY.
  • HEEL.
  • COME.

Intermediate Obedience

Prerequisite: Any Basic Obedience class.

Do you want to take your relationship with your dog to the next level? Do you want to challenge him, and yourself, to do more? Dogs are capable of learning up to 140 different commands, so don’t settle for just the basics! You can teach your canine friend to bring you your newspaper in the morning and turn off the lights for you at night, all the while enhancing your relationship because the better able you are to communicate, the more you’ll enjoy each other’s company.

This class will focus on advanced commands such as:

  • Take It.
  • Hold It.
  • Fetch.
  • Drop It.
  • Touch Target.
  • and more!

Tricks & Treats

Prerequisite: Any Basic Obedience class.

Show off your dog’s natural talents and have tons of fun together at the same time! In this class you and your dog will learn a repertoire of new tricks that are sure to impress both your human and canine friends.

These are great skills to focus your dog on rainy, snowy, or extreme temperature (hot or cold) days when long walks around town aren’t an option.

A new maneuver will be featured each week, including:

  • Spin.
  • Roll Over.
  • Combat Crawl.
  • Jump Through Hoops.
  • Tunnel Run.
  • and lots more!