Kate’s Puppy Socialization Class is a MUST!

Dr. Dianne DeLorenzo

DVM, Abington Square Veterinary Clinic (NYC)

Kate got Benny to stop eating my apartment!

Robert Valin

New York City, *****

Kate Perry is the bomb. I found her by researching a bunch of dog training sites and comparing prices in NYC. Before you attend any of Kate’s classes, she recommends you contact her so she gets a sense of how your dog will react to other pups. I rescued my dog from a foster group that rescued her from a puppy mill. She was extremely timid and scared of everything. I brought my 8 month old Bichon to every one of her socializing puppy classes for 4 months.

My pup totally broke out of her shell and she was ready to move onto Kate’s training classes, where she excelled. Kate vernally has 2-4 “interns” who are also training to become dog trainers. They’re very helpful in answering any questions where Kate is busy. Trust me. When you have your very first pup, you have tons of questions. Kate is also great at seeing the “problem” of any dog and helping the owner address it humanely. She has great recommendations and even offers private training. AND she’s AFFORDABLE! She has the best price compared to any other training facility.

Jodi S.

San Francisco, CA, *****

Following the adoption of two rescue dogs from the South, our vet suggested we reach out to Kate Perry and her team to help our new pups acclimate to their lives in NYC. Kate’s guidance allowed us to manage their particular quirks and reward their positive attributes while helping to quell their difficult behaviors.

Since that time, we have a new generation of dogs, both rescues from Puerto Rico! Our Chihuahua needed more practice with socialization and basic training, and both Kate and Gus have been responsive over the years, offering creative solutions for helping us work through her more challenging behaviors.

We then rescued a 10-week-old puppy who is now 16 months old. She is a 45-pound ball of energy, joy, and intensity. We’ve never had such a strong, curious dog and we would be lost without the support of Kate and her team. Kate encouraged daily training strategies that have worked, and while our training journey is still in progress, Ziggy follows most commands and has many skills, thanks to Kate and her team. She also lovingly plays with her Chihuahua sister, proving that early socialization for all breeds and sizes really makes a difference.

We are so grateful for all that Kate has given us over the years. She has a gift for working with dogs of all types and abilities, both in and out of the city. We also appreciate Kate’s team and what they offer when it comes to training dogs (and people!) in a loving, methodical, and no-nonsense way. Our relationship with our dogs is more satisfying due to Kate’s guidance!

Katherine D. & Kristin L.

New York City, *****

I decided to get a dog at the recommendation of my medical team due to a disability and her training has been a top priority. While she is still young and has a lot to learn, her time with the Kate Perry team has provided her with an amazing foundation.

As my support needs change, it’s reassuring to know that I have KPDT as a trusted resource to ensure my relationship with my dog continues to be copacetic, while maintaining her happy, sunny personality. I truly don’t know what I (or my dog) would do without them.

Honor F.

New York City, *****

We met Kate three weeks before we got our puppy. The purpose of the session was to review everything from supplies, to vets and vaccinations, to grooming, and most important, our lifestyle needs and how to adapt to a new living, breathing little ‘person’ in our home. She even called the breeder we used – to our delight – in order to get a sense of our pup’s life before us. Kate came to our house the very first day I brought our little girl, Sophie, home. What a godsend. I didn’t know where to put the crate/containment area (next to our bed? In another room? On a different floor?), or how to walk her (all Sophie wanted to do was lie down on the sidewalk!). What’s more, Sophie climbed out of her containment area on the second night we had her. We got a higher containment area, and she climbed out of that one too! She weighed 4.5 lbs!! I texted Kate early the next morning, and Kate got back to me within ten minutes. Through a lot of creative thinking,

Kate helped us find a solution. Our puppy now sleeps peacefully through the night in her crate and pees both on wee pads inside and by the curb outside with equal ease. Kate’s approach tailors her training to her client’s lifestyles. Ours was challenging because our house was under construction when we got our pup. There were workmen in and out of the house daily, with no consistent schedules, making a lot of loud, jarring noises. Kate got innovative to determine what would best help our pup to feel safe and calm. Sophie, like all dogs (and human beings), has gone through stages that have led to behavioral changes.

She’s now an adolescent, and true to form, she’s pushing boundaries, just like my two teenagers… agh! She tests us, defying commands and asserting dominant behavior in play with other dogs. Regarding the latter, Kate doesn’t believe in treating aggression with aggression. The dog will fear you, but not necessarily respect you. Discipline, detachment (the dog isn’t doing it *to* you, the dog’s just doing it), exercise, and love are what Kate teaches. I could go on, but I’ve probably already lost most of you… Suffice it to say, Kate has been invaluable and is a good, kind, and generous human being. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Elaine T.

Elaine Thomas

New York City, *****

Ms. Perry’s positive reinforcement style of training helps dogs learn to understand their owners’ wishes through careful understanding and compassion.

We are confident that through her mentoring of ABC students since 2005, Ms. Perry passes along her gentle touch and kind methods of training to a whole new generation of trainers.

Thank you Kate!

Debbie Burrow

Externship Coordinator , Animal Behavior College Inc. (CA)

I had been carefully planning for the arrival of my second companion in life for many months before going to pick out my new labrador puppy. I travel constantly for work, and planned to have him trained as a service animal so that I could take him on flights with me. I wanted to be sure I started my new friend out on the right foot. In preparation, I had googled “dog trainers” in NYC and Kate’s site was one of the first to come up. But it wasn’t until, coincidentally, a few weeks later I was at the airport and a young labrador puppy walked past me with his owners through security. I marveled at how calm and trained this little puppy was in the craziness of the airport. He kept his eye on his owners and acted perfectly. I was blown away. “THAT’S WHAT I WANT!” I thought. I walked up to them and said, “Excuse me, but could I ask how you were able to get a puppy of this age so well behaved?”

They both exclaimed at the same time “Kate Perry!” I’d remembered the name from my Google search. The rest is history. I emailed Kate’s assistant and was immediately contacted to get my new boy enrolled in puppy and group classes as soon as I picked him up. I started him with Kate right at 9 weeks. We went to every puppy class and a full session of group training classes. The knowledge and training was invaluable. At 10 weeks my puppy was flying with me and acting just like the example I’d seen a few months before. Since then we’ve worked with Kate with private classes and advanced training.

My little guy plays dead, gives “high-5’s”, rolls over, and we’ve only just started. More importantly than that, he’s welcome everywhere we go, because he’s so perfectly behaved. He’s been to 5 star hotels around the world where dogs aren’t normally allowed, and greeted by desk and bell staff that say “Logan is welcome here anytime.” The most important thing I’ve learned from Kate is that 90% of the training is for you, not the dog, and those first few months can be crucial. We still have routine sessions with Kate learning new things every time, and Logan goes nuts when we senses Kate is due for a visit because he knows we’re going to be learning AND having fun. I couldn’t ask for a better companion and I owe a lot of it to Kate. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Brett Henrichsen

New York City, *****

We got our new puppy, Alfie during Covid and reached out to Kate to work with her through virtual training. Since we live in New Zealand, and working in-person wasn’t an option, we also found Kate’s book to be incredibly helpful as a companion to our virtual sessions with her.

With her guidance, we got our life with Alfie off to a great start, and still refer to her book whenever we need a tweak with our training. Many thanks to Kate for making training fun and effective for us and Alfie!

Joe R.

New Zealand, *****

When we decided that it was time to bring a new puppy into our home, we searched for the best trainer. How lucky we were when friends introduced us to Kate Perry! Through the years we have become increasingly impressed with her teaching techniques. From raising our first puppy and then welcoming another into our home, we have relied on Kate to show us the way. You can imagine how thrilled we were to be able to enhance our training through the easy-to-follow lessons in her book.

“Training for Both Ends of the Leash” is the first gift I give to all my friends who have dogs. Whether they have decided to bring home a new puppy, or simply want to learn more, this is the gift that keeps on giving through every stage, and every phase of life with your dog.

Covid-19 added a new complexity to our lives. We realized that the stress we were feeling also affected our pets. What a blessing to have this book as a “go to” resource to help us through the tough moments.

Carol and Bob P.

New York City, *****

Kate and her team worked with us from the day we got our stubborn, lovable Chow Chow, Pumba. He is our first Chow, and we knew we were in for a challenge. Thankfully, with Kate’s guidance and persistence, we were able to socialize Pumba early and turn his stubbornness into obedience.

We still had challenges as he got older, due to the nature of the breed, and Kate jumped in right away with an action plan to maintain Pumba’s good boy status. Over the years, it is clear that Kate is just as invested in Pumba’s wellbeing as we are. We work regularly with her team to reinforce good behavior and look forward to years of enjoying our well behaved city boy thanks to KPDT!

Kelsey B. and Jonathan Y.

New York City, *****

Our family has been with Kate for 16 years and two dogs—which says a lot about the loyalty that she and her fellow trainers engender. Kate is wise and fun, traits she imparts to her human and canine clients. Whether your dog is urban, suburban, exurban, or some combination thereof, Kate and her team will customize their training to ensure a happy life for your pup. I cannot recommend KPDT strongly enough.

David K.

New York City, *****

The KPDT Team has been so amazing on my journey with Lady and played a huge role in shaping her to be the best pup possible! Their services are truly a priceless investment!
Bobae K.

New York City, *****

Kate, Gus, and their team are miracle workers.  We feel so lucky that someone happened to recommend them to us because we can’t imagine trusting anyone else with our golden retriever pup, Benny! Their classes are fun, effective and simple to put into action and range from puppy socialization to scientifically-validated, positive reinforcement training classes.  Gus, Kate, and the rest of the team are amazing at getting to know ‘what makes your dog tick’ and at also educating/training us humans to help our dogs live their best lives! We have seen incredible results and are excited to continue to work with them because we think their courses are an invaluable investment.  They are just the BEST!

Leigh E. and David M.

New York City, *****