Kate Perry, CPDT-KA, is a certified dog trainer through Animal Behavior College (ABC), and a mentor-trainer for ABC’s Dog Trainer Apprenticeship Program, teaching students how to become trainers in their own right.

Kate grew up in the Canary Islands, Greece, and England, rescuing all kinds of animals, including donkeys, rabbits, ducks, goats, cats, dogs, and even a few fish!

Kate began her training career in 1999 in NYC, opening her own dog-walking business after recognizing her natural affinity with animals. She was invited by Breon O’Farrell of Philosophy Dog Training to be his apprentice and studied intensively with him for two years, after which she assumed the position of Executive Dog Trainer for his organization. Whilst in this position, Kate helped develop the group classes that she now specializes in, which complement the “lifestyle-specific” training approach she provides to her clients.

Kate’s philosophy and methodology, which have been approved by numerous veterinarians, centers on the use of positive reinforcement techniques. She employs a scientifically proven teaching method derived from dolphin training, using a marker signal (i.e. a “clicker” or use of the word YES) to reinforce desired behavior. This method helps dogs learn faster and better enables both dog and owner to enjoy the training process.

One of Kate and her team’s primary goals is to help reinforce the relationships for both ends of the leash, through user friendly, practical, and effective methods.

Additional Mentions & Certifications

  • Kate is CPDT-KA certified
  • Kate is Animal Behavior College certified
  • Kate is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)
  • Kate has trained with dolphins in the Bahamas
  • Kate is certified in dog & cat CPR
  • Kate is a board advisor and member of the Rock & Rawhide charity organization in New York City
  • Kate is a trainer/advisor for Animal Lighthouse Rescue (ALR)

Kate Perry’s Mission

Kate aims to create a fun and loving atmosphere and a relationship of respect, trust, and understanding for both ends of the leash, in order to establish that strong bond between owner and pet. She specializes in hands-on dog training using positive reinforcement techniques to help owners enhance their human-canine relationship, while taking into account their unique lifestyles, personalities, and life stages. Kate’s mission is to empower owners to develop happy and healthy relationships with their dogs that will last a lifetime.

Kate’s Specialities: Aggression, Separation Anxiety, Behavior Modification, Baby-on-the-Way, Puppy Training, and Basic Obedience.